About Us | dis(ability)

We can talk about dreams, love and happiness. We can talk about business, destiny and life. We can even talk about atoms, moons and stars in childhood. Basically we can talk about anything.

Likewise with this project which is based on “talking”. The main goal of this project is that we want to make everyone “aware”, aware that in reality we are all living beings. Cowardice does not only mean avoiding and running from reality, but it can also be interpreted as indifference.

And what’s worse, many people live without caring, knowing and thinking about the reality around them. They even refuse to accept everything that is different, all those differences they perceive as anomaly.

This project started with a question: If you yourself or someone you care about, are in a situation where you can no longer see the sunrise tomorrow? If you can’t see or hear the daily traffic noise, can your life go on like nothing ever happened? Are you able to give up the goals, hopes and dreams that you want to achieve?

The majority of us have never experienced waking up and wondering what it would be like to be a different person, where all our routines might change if we had a disability. The majority of us would also not think about the 10 percent of the world’s total population of about 650 million people, all of whom live with disabilities.

We cannot allow this to happen… must not allow people with disabilities to feel like strangers in their own lives. Disability is not the end of everything!

We can see that many organizations and campaigns concentrate on protecting animals and the environment, while very few national and international public organizations protect the rights of persons with disabilities from being violated.

That’s why in September 2011 we decided to form a team of six people, work together and talk about all the basic needs of people with disabilities. Many of their basic needs cannot be met, because very few manufacturers are willing to consider and make minor adjustments to some of the basic equipment they manufacture or manufacture.

As you’ve probably noticed (or we just hope that we’re smart enough to get you to pay attention) Titles are one of the most suggestive clues to achieving our goals through this blog. The word “disability” is simply a spelling that can mean “any illness, permanent injury or physical or mental condition which tends to limit a person from living their life” – Collins Cobuild Advanced Dictionary. But we spell it a different way, namely “(dis)ability”, which means finding a way to turn an disability into an ability.

In this blog we try to illustrate all the problems faced by people with disabilities, even though it sounds difficult to adapt the world to their needs but it is actually simple. What is needed is desire, initiative and originality to make the world accessible to everyone equally.

Maybe we can’t change destiny, but at least we can improve life.

The Team

ALEX – He is the person that you can always confide in. He is well organized, ambitious and also knows when to treat a situation humorously and when to be stoic.

GABRIELA – She is optimistic, very calm, the type of person that thinks ten times before taking a decision. She is a friend that you can rely on, assuming you do not mind her being late.

MARIA – She is an energetic and lively person, not to mention empathic. She is very optimistic and has a remarkable silvertongue, whether it comes to good or evil.

BOGDAN – He is meticulous, well documented and too organized. He hates to waste his time, but once he gets involved, you know you can rely on him.

ROXI – A strong personality that never leaves anything mid-way. Literature passionate, with whom you can always have an interesting conversation and a good laugh.

ANDREES – She is outgoing, extrovert and a life-lover. She is never late to find the best in everything, but she is always late for appointments.